Piano Lessons by Waruks (Beginner)

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Piano Lessons by Waruks (Beginner)

Everyone and I mean, EVERYONE, can learn how to play the Piano. My name is Wachira Warukira or simply Waruks and I will be your music tutor. I have more than 10 years playing piano in church, weddings, and bands. I am also a music producer and composer which gives me an advantage in knowing what is required to kick start your journey as a pianist. 

I have created this amazing course for absolute beginners to get an idea of how they can start. I have used simple English to make sure everyone follows easily. Like learning a new language, lots of practice is required to become better. 

At the end of this course, the student will have learned the fundamentals of playing piano from naming all the notes on the piano to forming chords and chord progressions. Finally, the student will be able to make simple tunes and simple songs. After you have done this course, you will be ready to enroll for our intermediate course which will enable you add taste to your musicianship as well as enable you to compose music. 

The student will be able to:

  1. Name all keys of piano
  2. Play the major scale in C
  3. Form Major & Minor Chords in C 
  4. Form Chord Progression
  5. Play broken chords – Arpeggio 
  6. Play Simple Tunes and songs.
  7. Learn best methods to practice 

To get the best out of this course, you need access to a Piano/Keyboard or Midi Controller to practice. Each lesson in this course is designed for you to practice daily for one week before you learn the other one. Practice is very key in learning the piano. Set at least 1 hour per day to practice each technique. 

NB: If you cannot afford a piano at the moment, you may download an APP called Perfect Piano on your phone which is a simulation of a real piano.

Course Curriculum

This piano course is fit for absolute beginners as well as people who have just started learning piano. It is taught by Waruks, the Founder & Executive Producer of Waruks Productions. Enjoy!
  • Introduction
To learn how to play the piano, it is very important to identify and understand the keys. In this lesson, we explore the black and white keys.
  • Naming White Keys
  • Naming Black Keys
In this lesson, we learn about octaves.The piano octave is simply a set of 8 white notes (12 total if you count the black ones that are within that set. These notes technically run from A to G.
  • Finding Octaves
The major scale is a diatonic scale. We will be looking at C Major scale which is the simplest scale that does not require the black notes (sharps and flats)
  • How to Play Major Scale in the Key of C
In this lesson, we learn about chords and how they are used to make music. A chord, in music, is any harmonic set of pitches/frequencies consisting of multiple notes. Enjoy!
  • Forming Chords Part I
  • Forming Chords Part II
  • How to Name the Chords in the Key of C
  • How to Form Chord Progression
  • How to Play Arpeggio
  • How to Form Chord Inversions
The objective of these final lessons is to get you to use your knowledge to create simple tunes. Also, it forms a foundation for learning how to play different songs or even create your own songs. Enjoy!
  • How to Play Intro to All of Me by John Legend
  • How to Create A Simple Tune
  • How to Play Chords on the Beat
  • How to Play Like a Pro


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Wachira Warukira

I have been playing piano since 2008 and guitar since 2012. I have been producing music since 2019. I have gained experience through playing for bands and choirs. I have taught music since 2012.