Kenyan Ministry of Health Guidelines on Eateries during COVID-19

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Kenyan Ministry of Health Guidelines on Eateries during COVID-19

  • The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. The virus is spread through the aerosol route. It is thought to have originated from Wuhan China and is still spreading. There have been reports of morbidities, mortalities, and adverse effects on world economies. Currently, the virus is in Kenya and the numbers of those infected are rising on a daily basis. 
  • The Ministry of Health is working to sensitize the masses on methods of reducing the rates of transmission in order to flatten the curve. The food industry is a crucial contributor to the growth of the Kenyan economy. The food industry has service at the core of its function where it caters to revelers who meet up to unwind, network, and relax. This reality makes the foodservice industry an easy framework to increase the transmission of the virus within the Kenyan populace. 
  • The entry of the virus cases in the Kenyan community had led to the closure of the outlets. However, in a bid to salvage the crumbling economy, there is a bid to reopen the establishments. This Seven-part series expounds the reopening requirements as outlined by the Kenyan Ministry of Health. If adhered to, these guidelines can greatly support the ministry's effort of reducing the number of COVID-19 infections in Kenya.  
  • To ensure that all those in the food industry run the facilities according to the laid-out Ministry of Health guidelines, the ministry expects everyone in the industry to be trained and to adhere to the laid-out regulations. 

To understand the following concepts 

1. Coronavirus - what it is, how it spreads, and prevention methods. 

2. human immune system- in it and adaptive immune system and the various methods through which we can improve the functions of the immune system. This will be key in keeping the stuff healthy during the pandemic. 

3. The various Ministry of Health guidelines as regards; 

  • how to handle customers during this COVID-19. 
  • How to prepare and serve food during the COVID-19. 
  • Social distancing for the customers and the staff during this pandemic. 
  • The different guidelines on how to deliver foodstuff during these pandemic times 
  • cleaning and disinfection guidelines to the food industry facilities during this COVID-19. 


  • All those who walk, own or support the food industry are advised to take the course 
  • Anyone who would like to understand the Ministry of Health guidelines is also encouraged to take the course 


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Course Curriculum

In this lecture, we explore; The history of past epidemics/pandemics, Understand what the coronavirus infection is, Understand the various ways the virus is transmitted, Explore the various ways in which transmission of the virus can be prevented with an emphasis on proper handwashing techniques
  • Part 1 : Introduction and Understanding of Corona Virus

In this lecture, we explore the following;

  •  Understand what the immune system
  •  Understand the different types of the immune system
  •  Explore the different ways in which we can strengthen our immune systems
  • How to Boost the Immune System in COVID-19 Era

 In this lecture, we will learn the following;

  • Definitions-Eatery/Restaurant/PPE/
  •  Explore the MOH rationale to have set guidelines for restaurants during this COVID-19 period
  • Part 3: Ministry of Health Guidelines

In this lecture you will learn;

  •  How to handle food during the COVID period
  •  Food service
  •  Guidelines on food preparation
  • Part 4: Guidelines on Food Preparation

Under this topic, we learn about standard hygiene measures, the following are the major objectives;

  •  General hygiene measure
  •  Customer infection prevention strategies
  •  Medical screening of the food industry staff
  •  Example of a screening tool
  •  Responsibilities of food workers during the COVID-19 period
  •  Proper staff hygiene during the working period
  •  Social distancing expectations of food workers during the COVID-19 period
  • Part 5: Hygiene Measures

In this lecture, we cover the following;

  •   Proper food handling procedures- FOOD TRANSPORT
  •  Guidelines on the use of disposable gloves and hand gloves
  •  Methods of handling /running the food premise during this COVID-19 period
  •  Managing open food handling points
  •  Operational standards for all staff
  • Part 6: Operations within the Facility

We explore in this lecture the following themes;

  •  Cleaning process
  •  Disinfection process
  •  How to manage toilets at the food facilities
  • Part 7 : Cleaning and Disinfection


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