Information Systems Control and Audit

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Information Systems Control and Audit

Information Systems Security is a concern; Information Systems Audit is one of the ways to address the concern. Information Systems auditing is used to assess whether computer systems safeguard assets, maintain data integrity and allow the goals of the organization to be achieved effectively and efficiently. Auditing is also concerned with efficient resource consumption. This course explores key aspects of audit as would be relevant to individuals within the organization or outside it. It investigates current and emerging practices related to planning and managing IS audits, IS risk and security management, Legal and ethical issues, Computer forensics, business continuity and disaster recovery.  There will be specific emphasis on audit frameworks and standards

  1. Appreciate the relationship between IS control & audit and overall organizational governance
  2. Understand and apply key basic IS Control & Audit concepts, standards, procedures, tools, guidelines and practices
  3. Identify IT risks and plan to manage them using appropriate controls
  4. Plan and Perform a risk-based IS audit
  5. Recognize the critical success factors for each of the phases of an IS Audit (planning, executing, reporting, follow-ups)

To succeed in this course, you need the basics of Information Systems.

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1

  • IS Control and Audit - Introduction

Lecture 2

  • IS Control and Audit - IS Controls

Lecture 3

  • IS Control and Audit - IS Controls - COBIT Framework

Lecture 4

  • IS Audit - Overview

Lecture 5

  • IS Control and Audit - Audit Planning Part 1

Lecture 6

  • IS Control and Audit - Audit Planning Part 2

Lecture 7

  • IS Control and Audit - Risk Based Auditing


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Dr. Tonny Omwansa

Dr. Tonny K. Omwansa holds a PhD in Information Systems and is a faculty member at the School of Computing and Informatics, University of Nairobi. He is the co-author of the book “Money, Real Quick: Kenya’s disruptive mobile money innovation”. Besides teaching, he coordinates the innovation acti…