British Scholarships Mentorship

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British Scholarships Mentorship

This course analyzes the winning essays of Chevening scholars, teaching students the key elements that make a successful scholarship application. Students will practice their writing skills and receive feedback from peers and the instructor, ultimately equipping them with the knowledge and skills to craft their own winning Chevening essay.

1. To understand the fundamentals of writing an effective scholarship essay, including proper formatting, structure, and tone.

2. To develop strong writing skills, including expressing ideas clearly and concisely and using appropriate language and grammar.

3. To learn how to conduct research and gather relevant information to support the scholarship essay.

4. To develop critical thinking skills necessary for analyzing and evaluating personal experiences, achievements, and goals and presenting them in a compelling and persuasive way.

5. To cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness and reflection in order to identify personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

6. To receive feedback and guidance from instructors and peers to improve the scholarship essay and enhance writing skills.

Course Curriculum

Check out these three winning essays from past Chevening scholarship recipients for valuable insights on how to create a successful application. They offer inspiration and guidance for anyone interested in pursuing higher education abroad and are a must-read for those seeking a Chevening scholarship.
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Grace got invited to both Chevening and Mastercard Edinburgh interviews with the same essay content and won the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship to study at Edinburg starting Sep 2023.
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